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While some may eat to live, others certainly live to eat. Food is a pretty dominating theme in both of our private and professional lives. Consider this page our working notebook for the Ride for Life Cookbook where we plan to share with you some of our favorite foods that we've been enjoying while training, as well as recipes from others who have been involved in the appetite-inducing project.
Let us know if you enjoy these recipes (we're sure you will). We'd also love to receive any recipes of yours to try out -- especially super pasta or rice recipes -- so do drop us a line.

Richard's Minestrone Soup with Pesto

Richard Turner, Executive Chef of both Casa Tino's Restaurant, Mere Green and Loyds Restaurant, Knowle is a talented and innovative rising star. The meal that he prepared for Loyds Gourmet Evening was truly inspirational and of the highest quality. Here Richard shares with us a delightful summer recipe.

Giampaolo's Pappa col Pomodoro

Giampaolo Pacini, owner of Podere Capaccia, is a talented winemaker, food historian, writer and the most congenial and welcoming host. At the renovated hilltop medieval borgo of Capaccia, just outside Radda in Chianti, he entertains groups and individuals to tutored wine tastings, rustic country meals, and meals based on medieval recipes, all accompanied of course by his exquisite wines, most notably the famous super-Tuscan Querciagrande. We have enjoyed many simple and grand meals alike with our friends the Pacini family: here is Giampaolo's recipe for a favorite Tuscan classic.

John's Bread and Butter Pudding

John Brandon's extraordinary bread-and-butter pudding brought the house down on the night of the Ride for Life "Three Chefs". Here, after much arm twisting, is John's secret recipe.

Maccheroni coi Ceci (Maccaroni with Chickpeas)

Our carbo-feast for May.

Marc's Famous American Brisket

By popular demand, as served at the Ride for Life Festa di Pasqua.

Michael Caine's Boeuf a la Bourguignonne

Michael's version of the French classic, as prepared for the Ride for Life gourmet evening.

Orecchiette with Broccoli

Our pasta recipe for March comes from Apulia, and is a real filler. Try it out any time of the year!

Real Cakes from Real Cakes

Anna Evans, wife of Tour Leader Hugh, bakes cakes to die for. Not only are they absolutely scrumptious, Anna's cakes -- and in particular her fruit cakes -- are almost the ideal cycling fuel: densely packed with dried fruit and nuts, almost always liberally flavoured with some sort of strong alcohol, a little piece goes a long way. Check out some of Anna's delicious recipes, and if you like them, e-mail Anna for more information about Real Cakes of Exeter.

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