The goal of Nello and Marc's Ride for Life is to raise a substantial amount of money for excellent cancer charities whose tireless work both in the fields of research and in cancer treatment and care we admire greatly. Our aim is to raise as much money for these organisations as we can, with a minimum target set at 10,000, through both individual and corporate sponsorship, as well as through an imaginative range of exciting and enjoyable fundraising activities.

The Imperial Cancer Research Fund

The Imperial Cancer Research Fund is dedicated to saving lives through research into the causes, prevention and cure of cancer. Employing over 1000 scientific and clinical staff in their own laboratories, hospitals, and universities across the United Kingdom, it is responsible for over one-third of all cancer research in this country. This vital research is entirely dependant on the support and generosity of the public.

FORCE Cancer Research and the Selectron Machine Appeal

The West Country is fortunate to have such a dedicated and dynamic centre of excellence for cancer research and treatment. Since its foundation in 1987, FORCE's ground-breaking work has enabled research results to be transferred as quickly as possible into treatment that saves lives and improves the quality of life for patients.
Ride for Life is targeting its fundraising efforts for FORCE in aid of the Selectron Machine Appeal. In 1986, Exeter's Wonford Hospital became the first hospital in the world to put an advanced type of Selectron machine into use which allowed a source of radiation to be placed into a tumour through a very fine, needle-like tube, thus targeting the cancer effectively while minimising side effects. The Selectron machine was originally pioneered by FORCE Chairman Dr. Chris Rowland; the acquisition of upgraded version, microSelectron-HDR, will put Exeter back at the leading edge of this particular cancer therapy.

The Good Samaritan Hospice of Boston; The Wellness Community of Greater Boston

All US dollar funds raised will be split between these two tremendous, caring organisations that helped Marc's mother, Lori -- and many others -- deal with the day-to-day realities of living with cancer.

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