Ride for Life, Nello and Marc's cycle from Devon, England to Venice, Italy, set to take place in June 1997, is a challenge in every sense. Yes, the ride itself is a daunting uphill task, but it is one we look forward to with considerable relish (if not also a little trepidation). The more difficult, indeed perhaps even more rewarding challenge is to make something worthwhile and lasting out of this crazy endeavour. To that end, Ride for Life is also about raising a substantial amount of money for cancer research and relief. Find out more about what we are doing and why.

Our Beneficiaries

We are raising money principally for two outstanding cancer charities: Imperial Cancer Research Fund and FORCE,, an important Westcountry research and treatment centre, as well as for organisations in the United States and in Italy. Our target is a minimum handover of at least 10,000 to the charities. Please help us reach it.

What's happening

Over the coming weeks and months, we've got a fun and exciting range of activities that will enable everyone to support Ride for Life in a most enjoyable way. Check out what's happening.

How can you help?

Ride for Life needs your support. We are working hard to raise a worthwhile amount of funds for our chosen cancer beneficiaries. Find out how you can help.

Our Press and Publishing Agenda

We've got quite a press and publicity campaign underway in order to maximize attention to our fundraising activities. Check out our press releases and excerpts from articles mentioning Ride for Life.
Furthermore, we are publishing two books as part of our Ride for Life series of activities:Venetian Scenes by Lorina Kim, Marc's mother, a collection of short stories broadly autobiographical in content and based on the experiences and characters she encountered there, and The Ride for Life Cookbook, a travel and training diary that includes a selection of delicious recipes by Nello Ghezzo and friends, together with wine selections by Marc Millon.

Who's Behind Us

It's an uphill climb, literally and figuratively, to reach Venice by bike and to reach our target of funds for our chosen beneficiaries. However, the load has already been eased considerably by the fantastic support that we've already received from both businesses and professional contacts, as well as from generous individuals and friends. Are you a friend of Nello and Marc's Ride for Life?


We'd appreciate it if you would take the time to sign our Ride for Life guestbook. Whether you are a cycling enthusiast, someone who has been touched by cancer, or whether, like us, you're into good wine and food and lots of physical activity as a way of keeping healthy and feeling alive, we'd really love to hear from you. So do please drop us a line.

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